Leadership Jazz Workshops


Leadership Jazz is an innovative workshop that allows leaders in businesses and other organisations to learn from the best experimenters and improvisers around: from outstanding jazz musicians who live their lives by experimentation and improvisation.

Why you should attend Leadership Jazz

Music has a number of lessons to teach us all.  Not so much the orchestral world which leans towards a more traditional and hierarchical leadership, but jazz and rock where leadership is distributed and fluid.  In organisations, unpredictable change forces groups to experiment and improvise, frequently when they are least prepared for it.

What’s more, great leadership is hard to find.  In the world of politics it is particularly noticeable by its absence and everyone suffers as a consequence.  There is no standard approach to leadership.  Every age introduces its own unique flavours and nuances.  In the 21st century we are left with a legacy of bygone eras when the world was a very different place.

So how are we to learn about leadership?

Who is it for?

It has been attended and evaluated by experienced learning and development professionals and senior leaders in a broad range of organisations.

Where is the workshop?

The Leadership Jazz workshop has been put on in Henley and Oxford Business Schools and at the Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival.

Are you or your organisation interested in hosting or attending a Leadership Jazz workshop? Contact us today!