Individual assessment is a data-driven process that describes a leader’s current level of performance and developmental potential. It comprises several elements: psychometric and 360 degree feedback, in-depth psychological interviewing, reporting and feedback.

Psychometric and 360 degree feedback

Psychometric questionnaires facilitate understanding of the character, motives, values and likely derailers of an individual by comparison with appropriate norms. Intelligence tests may also be used to measure ability. Insights gained from these tools reveal most aspects that drive the style of current performance and its potential for change. 360 degree feedback, by contrast, assesses the individual’s current performance and reputation as a leader. We use robust measures with a strong evidence base demonstrating their reliability and validity so that greater confidence may be placed in their findings.

In-depth psychological interviewing

We devote over 3 hours to a face to face, in-depth, semi-structured conversation with each individual being assessed. Half of the time is focused on the current job and the other half focuses on present and past contexts. These allow an understanding of some of the influences and origins of behaviours and motives that manifest today.

Reporting and feedback

Each report is structured around the eight headings derived from the Primary Colours approach to leadership (Pendleton and Furnham 2012, 2016), and focuses on performance and potential in the strategic, operational and interpersonal domains as well as coping with pressure. The reports are used under license from the Edgecumbe Group.

The report points out where development might profitably be undertaken and where it might require an alternative solution, working with colleagues whose capabilities are complementary. Individual feedback is given on all measures and on the report as a whole. The aim is to ensure that the individual is focused on appropriate implications and is clear about their next developmental steps.

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