Executive Coaching


Our Executive coaching is provided by Jenny who has over 30 years’ experience of working with leaders in the NHS and the corporate sector both in the UK and internationally. Jenny is an accredited coach with a Postgraduate Diploma in Executive Coaching from Ashridge (Hult) Business School. Her coaching is sought by individuals who want to develop and change the way they lead and manage within their organisation.

Jenny coaches leaders to:

  • Make the transition to a new role
  • Motivate teams through periods of change
  • Handle challenging relationships at work
  • Consider their next career move
  • Develop influencing and communication skills
  • Manage conflict more effectively
  • Set strategic direction and lead its implementation
  • Build resilience and the ability to handle pressure and stress

The coaching process: what you can expect


Coaching begins with a free-of-charge introductory contracting meeting to identify your learning goals and expectations from the coaching relationship, and practical arrangements.


Coaching involves a commitment to a programme of 6 sessions over 6-9 months


Where required, coaching may include psychometric tests of personality and a 360 using the Edgecumbe Primary Colours Leadership 360 survey

All coaching is conducted in strict confidence and in accordance with the guidelines in the Ashridge Code of Professional Conduct for Executive Coaches and the British Psychological Society’s Professional Code of Conduct.

Client Feedback

“I asked for the personal development support of Jenny King with two of my most prominent and key Senior Management Team reports. Each had individual development needs but a similar environment of operation in which they would be materially judged.

Not only has their coaching been rewarding at a personal level, but the lift in their individual confidence has been palpable and infectious. There is no greater achievement than seeing those around you thrive and find their wings.

There is no doubt in my mind that Jenny has helped each of them unlock this potential and it’s a true pleasure to witness.”

Kevin McCullough, CEO Calon Energy

“Jenny has encouraged me to reflect on my impact as a leader and to consider how I can use my leadership position to more effectively influence and improve my organisation. She also recognises the impact leadership has on me and helped me to develop into a more resilient manager.”

Associate Dean, NHS

“Jenny has a lot of professional credibility – she’s clearly got a deep understanding of the demands, challenges and pitfalls of working in a senior leadership role in the NHS, and the thorny issues that I was facing. I was impressed with her incisive understanding of the issues I described, and the models of change that we explored together.

I have made some fundamental changes to how I approach the certain aspects of my work that were causing difficulty, and am grateful for Jenny’s calm, accepting, skilful help in exploring and understanding what was going on for me.”

Clinical Director, NHS

“If you’ve reached a cross roads or are going through any kind of transition in your life, I would thoroughly recommend coaching. I really benefitted from having Jenny coach me through a particularly difficult time and I felt she gave me the time and space to talk through various options. Deep down I probably had the answers inside me, but having someone who you trust, who listens in a non-judgemental way and then helps steer you in the right direction was exactly what I needed.”

Managing Director, a leading UK Charity

“My personal development has been greatly enhanced by my coaching relationship with Jenny. I have found our sessions challenging and thought-provoking resulting in real and actionable insights. Jenny is highly professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging. She creates an environment that is conducive to an open and relaxed conversation with a high degree of trust formed at an early stage. I believe all of my goals from the coaching were not only met but exceeded. The results have been an improvement in relationships, performance, and satisfaction.”

Senior Management Team member, UK Energy Company

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