Team development


Our approach to leadership focuses on the core concept that complete leadership is only likely to be demonstrated by teams comprising leaders with complementary skills and attributes working effectively together. Our team development workshop is aimed to facilitate this approach. It is based on the premise that the team that plans its strategy and tactics together is most likely to become committed both to the plans and colleagues in the team.

We can design many different team development workshops but one specific design is implemented more than the others and is highly regarded.

It comprises six questions:

  1. What are we seeking to achieve together in the next 3-5 years? (if such a statement is already in place, it is briefly reviewed)
  2. How do we need to lead together to serve this agenda?
  3. How (and how well) do we currently lead?
  4. What is currently helping us?
  5. What is currently hindering us?
  6. What immediate actions do we need to take?

The Process

The process may include either full assessments of each team member, or the collection of psychometric and 360 feedback data so that the attributes and capabilities of the team members can be discussed during the team workshop as part of questions 4 and 5 above. Careful facilitation ensures that this discussion is open, positive and energising and it invariably leads to constructive, honest discussions that can lead to significant breakthroughs in team dynamics.

“Our Senior Leadership Team spent two days with Jenny and David at a pivotal time in our evolution as one of the UK’s leading charities. Jenny and David’s approach chimed well with that of H4H, and the sessions were challenging and at times emotional, but all within a warm and collaborative environment. We learnt a lot about ourselves, both as individuals and as a leadership team, and delivered an action plan to the CEO and Chair of Trustees establishing how we would be a more effective team and set the bar high for the rest of the organisation. Getting us all together and taking two days out of our busy lives was no mean feat, but by the end of the second day there was a palpable sense it had been worth the investment. There was an appreciation that our beneficiaries, supporters and staff would reap the benefits of a rejuvenated leadership team.”

Alistair Lockhart, Acting Director, Income Operations, Help for Heroes

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